UKU Mother Sauce 310gr (Peru)

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Salsa Madre Mother Sauce 310gr UKU

Mother Sauce UKU

Brand: UKU

Salsa Madre – our staple sauce that uplifts ALL dishes

We don’t mean to brag. But we’ve created our own Salsa Madre (Mother Sauce) which is ingenious in warm dishes from all cuisines, whether you cook Peruvian, if you prefer Nordic style cooking, or if you have a different preference.

A Salsa Madre is a staple sauce we use in Peru to ‘start a red dish’. Practically, this means that it is one of the first ingredients to hit the pan where it’s getting a fry before meeting onion, garlic, meat, vegetables and spices. The mother sauce is a sauce that functions as a base for the preparation of all the red dishes of Peruvian cuisine, such as: adobos, stews, rice with seafood, soups and chupes. It will help you start an infinity of dishes from the Peruvian gastronomy in an easy and fast way.  

Our Salsa Madre isn’t hot (spicy) – at all – so if you want your food hot, you use it in combination with chili and other spices. Salsa Madre is deep, flavorful and aromatic. It gives your dishes that little undefinable extra that will make you crave your next bite.  


(No reviews yet) Write a Review