Salsa Huichol Negra Marisquera 190 ml

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190.00 Grams

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Salsa Huichol Salsa Negra Marisquera (Sea Food Sauce)

Salsa Huichol Hot Sauces have no preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Salsa Huichol is an all natural, medium-hot sauce from Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico (the West-central coast of Mexico).

This authentic and tasty Mexican hot sauce is made with hot chili peppers that are grown on the Nayar Huichol Mountains.

Ingredients : water , chili , pepper , salt , acetic acid , spices , xantham gum and sodium benzoate.


Recipes with Salsa Huichol:


14 oz. stick of unsalted butter 1 kilo of shrimp (2.2 lbs.)

1 bottle of salsa huichol

salt to taste

2 lemons or limes sliced

saute unpeeled shrimp in melted butter until almost cooked add salsa huichol and salt to taste. Continue cooking until shrimp are cooked and well basted with salsa Huichol being careful not to over cook shrimp Place cooked mixture in serving platter and garnish with lemon or lime slices.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review