Sweet Onions with Chipotle peppers 230gr

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230.00 Grams

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Sweet Onion Slices with Chipotle Peppers 230 gr

La Morena onions cut into pieces with chile chipotle pickled in a sweet marinade with herbs and spices. The pickled onions are a specialty for gourmets. The onions are particularly suitable as a savory ingredient for rolls or bread with sausage or cheese. The onions also give a spicy note to mixed vegetables.

Contents: 230 g
drained weight: 120 g
Ingredients: onions (43%), water, sugar, chile chipotle (8.1%), wine vinegar, soy oil, iodized salt, spices and garlic.
Allergy advice: contains soybean oil Country of
origin: Mexico


(No reviews yet) Write a Review